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About Us

Meet Alisa, Owner of The Valiant

Welcome to my Narnia, 'The Valiant Ballroom and Common Space.'  A space where any and all can gather, dance and celebrate.

My favorite childhood book series was The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. I love the idea of a hidden and magical world where anything is a possibility. My hope is that in this tranquil space there will be celebrations of unity, birth and life, swinging and swaying to music, discovery of inspirational artists, learning from the past for our future, hearing a song for the first time and most importantly, a place for our community to gather, support and create.


Built in 1910 with brick walls and original 1960's Fred Astaire Ballroom wooden floors. When I first walked into this space 11 years ago I wanted it. Oh, the possibilities! Now that I have it, it's time to turn the possibilities into realities. The space will be done in three phases. First phase ready for our first event Valentines weekend where the ballroom floors will once again be danced on.


As you journey through our website you will see our upcoming regular events along with our recommendations for local vendors. If you would like to plan your next event in this space (capacity 49) we would love to have you.

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